not so duggar hair.

Imma gonna have to go ahead and retract every time I said I had Duggar hair.  I was thinking this:


And then the gorgeous Duggar daughters were like “We heard you were hating on our hair, even though our internet filter totally blocks your filthy trash blog”


I know right?  Their hair is as amazing as their necklines are modest.

Confession?  Sometimes I just sit around thinking about the Duggar family.  Are they happy?  Are they super legalistic or just trying to follow God’s word?  Do any of you ever sit around and think about them?  It’s probably just me.  They’re fascinating.  Their upcoming season focuses on the newest courtship of their daughter, Jessa.  Or Jinger.  Or maybe Jana.  I can’t remember, but I’ll be watching them side hug with a chaperone.  I mean, maybe if I were forced to have a chaperone while Nick and I were dating, we (probably) would have made out in the basement less.  No promises.

Wait, one more thought.  Do you think they’ve read Passion and Purity?

Okay, I’m done.


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