babies are truly magnificent.

If you’re not a parent, you’re probably spectacularly underwhelmed by the feats of babies.  You’re probably wondering why parents are posting pictures of their babies smiling, crawling, eating and their toddlers sad attempts at art.

I’m going to tell you why.  <–  That’s my topic sentence.

IMG_0367   Owen.  Doing nothing.  Beside breathing erratically.

Newborns can’t. do. anything.  Literally nothing.  They haven’t pooped before.  Ever.  (Fine, but I don’t want to talk about meconium, I’m talking to non-parents.  Don’t be a know it all)  They don’t know how to eat.  They can’t even regulate their own BREATHING!  Okay?  They don’t smile, they can’t see more than a foot away.  They have no motor control.  In fact, they have to be wrapped tightly in a blanket so they don’t slap themselves in the face all day.  Are you seeing my point?  When I say they can’t do anything, I mean it.

Take Maisy for example.


Here she is doing nothing.


Here she is doing nothing again.


Oh look!  She bored herself to sleep!

Imagine then, that they start doing things.  Smiling!  Rolling over!  Pinching up Cheerios and putting them in their mouths!  I bolded that so you would know how earth shattering it is.  Let me break it down for you.  First she saw the Cheerio.  Then she totally comprehended that she could eat that cheerio.  Then she used her hand – are you reading this?! – Her hand to pick it up and put it in her mouth!  It’s like watching a miracle.  So proud.  I’m not being sarcastic.  It’s that awe inspiring.  You’ll see when you get some.  Babies.

So when Owen scribbles on a page and and I hang it on the fridge?  It’s because I know all the hard work he did to get to that point.  He was a little sack of baby, and now he’s just running around coloring on things.  And saying words.  Words!  So many words.

Kids are fantastic.  Truly geniuses.



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