weight awareness wednesday.

Just kidding!  This post is about my weight though.  I posted earlier that I had joined weight watchers, lost 10 lbs, and would stay on weight watchers forever.

Here’s the problem.  I fell off of the wagon.  I’m not proud.  I keep meaning to get back on.  Seriously.  I’ve never fallen off the wagon short of reaching my goal weight before.  However, I haven’t been going crazy either, so here is the update on me and my “maternal fat reserves” that I gained for my babies.  I did it for the baby y’all.

This was me before, when I first started.


This is me now.  I get dressed everyday now, so this picture I’m wearing clothes.  Wearing pants with buttons has been an integral part of this weight loss for me.  No one wants to binge on cookies while having their midsection cut in two.  That being said I did eat a dozen Girl Scout cookies on Sunday.  😦  I’m not exaggerating, but I bet if you’ve ever had a Girl Scout cookie, you didn’t doubt that I was speaking truths.


I do not excel in taking pictures of myself in the mirror.  I do the opposite of that, which is sucking at it.  And I try to get my face to look the least self absorbed as possible.  If I fail, I add a mustache.  I think I did okay on this one, so no mustache.  I could probably use a fedora though.

I recently saw this picture of Selena Gomez on my E! News app, and she has a double chin.  As you can see, Selena Gomez is SUPER skinny.  The most skinny.  So, I felt encouraged.  If I was friends with SG in real life, I would never post this picture because it’s mortifying, but I post it here to encourage all of you.


Am I just in denial?



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