I’d like to think that I’ve been exposed to many different Americas.  The mid-Atlantic.  Southern California.  The Gulf Coast.  Everywhere is different.  The mid-Atlantic has Sperry Topsiders.  SOCO has surfing and fashion.  The Gulf Coast has Mardi Gras beads.  Different strokes y’all.

What does Norfolk bring to the table?  Vanity plates.

I know right?  It’s so weird.  I’ve confirmed it with Nick and several other Navy transplants.  People in the Hampton Roads area are obsessed with putting obscure messages on their license plates.  On my 15 minute drive home I decided to note all the vanity plates I saw.  I saw 5, but you can see upwards of 10 on any given trip to anywhere.  Because it’s an epidemic.

The first plate I saw was BGABU which I believe to be “Bugaboo” loosely translated.  Then I saw SILMNS which I know means something, but seriously, who could even begin to guess.  Then SHOE GRL.  I think that one is pretty obvious.  Then L KEEL.  I thought that one might be something about sailing.  Or a guy named Lance Keel.  Or a woman named Leslie Keel.  I don’t know.  Then finally, PSY CAT, which could mean a number of things.  Psychic cat, psycho cat, psychologist who loves cats.  OH MY GOSH, I just broke the code.  I bet it means Pussy Cat!  I don’t know.

Obscure vanity plates get under my skin because I really hate unsolved mysteries and I’m bad at word puzzles.  As if I don’t have enough unresolved situations in my life!



2 thoughts on “vanity.

  1. It’s not just Hampton Roads, it’s ALL of Virginia. It has something to do with vanity plates being so cheap in this state. My favorites are the ones that say things like Tigger99 or Pooh88 – featuring a cartoon character and year of graduation! What’s awesome where we live is that there are a ton of Mary Kay reps and their vanity plates are best – like Thnksmk on a pink cadillac.

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