what’s in a name?

Oh to be Kaley.  Or Kaylee.  Or Kayleigh.  Or Kaely.  Or Kaily, Kaili, Kalli, or Kaylye or Kayley, or even Calliegh.

Growing up as Kaley, I knew no other Kaley’s.  Zero.  I’ve since met one Kaley my own age.  And that’s not Kaley Cuoco from The Big Bang Theory who is also my age and has excellent taste in the way she spells her name.

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 2.16.01 PM
# 34 most popular name.

Then Kaley, or more specifically, Kaylee, became a very popular name in the late 90’s which made it awkward for me as an Elementary Teacher.  Kids don’t expect their teacher’s name to be “Kaley.”  They’re thinking more along the lines of “Norma” or maybe “Alice” you know, not a little kid name.  Now it’s making yet another resurgence as I see little babies on Facebook being named Kaley.

I can’t blame them, it’s a grade A name, top notch even.  But there’s a part of me, a little teeny hipster part, that wishes my name had remained obscure.  It’s not like the popular resurgence has made it any easier to spell.

Love, Kaley (Spelled like “Kale” with a “y”)


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