viva piñata. my secret shame.

I want that gorilla so hard!

Viva Piñata.  It’s a video game that was developed for 7 year old girls in 2007.  Nick and I bought it when we were newlyweds, hoping to find a common interest.  Hahahaha.  He hated that game.  We kept it in case we had kids one day.  Turns out we did!  I got it out in a fit of mothering desperation, trying to appease my non stop toddler in the dreary midwinter.

Well, turns out I’m addicted.

Seriously addicted.  I really just thought about abandoning this blog post and going to play it.  I hate computer games.  The only other game I’ve played in my life is Plants vs. Zombies.

Maybe I need to explain the game.  Like Farmville or any other game like that, you raise pinatas in a garden.  You grow crops, earn more land, get more exotic pinatas.  Low risk, high reward.  Who wouldn’t feel rewarded after getting a master romancer award for making 8 mouse babies!

I got caught up yesterday trying to master the convoluted task of romancing my sea turtles.  I had to feed a moth a green flower, feed the moth to the frog, then feed the frog’s egg to the turtle.


Five hours gone.  Suck it laundry! And that’s Viva Piñata.


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