10 reasons.

I already told you why I can’t stand viral inspirational blog postings.  I’ve another thorn in my side.  It’s top ten lists. Type “10 reasons” into Pinterest and you’ll uncover lots of listings on topics covering relationships to photoshop.  I’ll be darned if I didn’t click on one, only to be reminded that I hate them.

In the ultimate twist I’d like to make my own list of 10 reasons on why I hate persuasive internet lists.

  1. While I do hate top ten lists, at least 10 is a good number.  How about “35 reasons I want to date my cat.”  35 reasons?!  That’s too many!  Employ your editing eye.
  2. These lists make me think I’ll learn something, and I don’t.  “Things every wife should do”  tells me I should be nice to my husband.  Um, duh.
  3. They rarely deliver.  See above.  If a slideshow is involved,  the conspiracy theorist inside me is thinking it’s a way to drum up clicks on the website to increase the money they make from their ads.
  4. Pathetic reasoning strategies.  “To spend more time with your kids than cleaning” well, you have rats.  You should clean sometimes.  You just should.
  5. People like to use the internet as a platform to be a know it all and give advice.  Please never take my advice.  It’s probably really bad and could land you in a situation you don’t want to be in.  That’s why I never take my own advice.
  6. Nick looks like Dexter a lot.  It’s clear to me that I don’t have 10 reasons.  So now I’ll be making things up because I’ve already typed this and it’s pretty hard to make time to blog with the amount of children I currently care for.  
  7. Maybe I do actually like these lists.  I’m a true cynic in that way.  They have pros and cons.
  8. Reason 7 is why I never take my own advice, I’m so bad at concrete decision making!
  9. You should leave a comment if you made it all the way down to reason 9.  I’m thinking most people quit at reason 2.
  10. And that’s why I don’t like persuasive internet lists.

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