nice people.

I find that when I am faced with one of God’s blessed tender hearted people, those who are truly kind and generous, it’s as if we are speaking different languages.  Literally, different.  Because some people are so pure of heart they take my words at face value- which is pretty much the opposite way they should be taken.  These are the times when I find myself wishing that I were indeed more kind.  Less “Nick Miller-y” and more “Jessica Day.”  “This isn’t the first time someone’s broken my feelings stick.”  I’m sorry if you don’t get the New Girl reference.  Actually, I am!  New Girl is everything!!!

I’m just feeling kind of pathetic.  Genuinely nice people make me feel uncomfortable, like they have supermodel personalities.  Being around Gisele Bunchen would make me uncomfortable.  I’d be like “literally, I am a troll.”  But around nice people I’m like “Damn you personality, you’re such a troll.  You’re really blowing this for me right now!” 


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