we’re getting the band back together!!

I have news.  The greatest.  As I was casually scrolling my newsfeed the other night, I see a post, from Nickel Creek, that says they are not only making a new album together, but they are going on TOUR!  I was like:


Wait, before we go any further, I want to make a clarification.  Nickel Creek, not Nickelback.  Never, never Nickelback.


And shame on you for thinking that of me.  To be frank?  I’m offended.  Okay, now that we have that sorted out I can continue on and tell you of my storied history with the band, the legend, Nickel Creek.

Tara and I both discovered we liked Nickel Creek in college.  Which was random because as far as we knew, no one else was into them.  Then, a miracle.  Senior year they went on tour and we went to see them.  With LP, who is a concert goddess.  But they were breaking up “for now” at least.  We had wild theories.  We tried to pronounce Chris Thile’s name to no avail.  I had no other options but to pursue their solo careers.  It then became my goal to get my picture with all three members.  Sean Watkins, Sara Watkins (bro and sis), and Chris Thile.  (If I approached him, I planned not to say his name because, well, I can’t)


I went to go see Sean Watkins new band Fiction Family.  I literally felt like dying…  I was that excited.  It was weird, I generally have no emotions.  Something about Sean’s combo of emo-ness and bluegrassy guitar licks does it for me.  I got a really WEIRD face.  So scary.


Then LP and I went to see Sara Watkins at the 9:30 club.  Lo and behold Sean Watkins is there too.  To quote Rachel Zoe “Literally, I die.”  Got a terrible weird face here with a side of crazy eye.  Feelings have trouble manifesting themselves on my face.  The blog I did on her concert was featured on her website.  So, I’m kind of a huge deal.


Then Nick and I went to LA to see the Watkins Family Hour.  Because we were generally really cool and lived in SoCal.  Finally I was able to hold it together.


Finally, and worst-ly, this photo.  I took my friend Bekah to see them at a bluegrass festival in San Diego.  Before I got in Cali shape.


We’re going to see them at the 9:30 Club in DC soon.  For their reunion.  It’s pretty exciting.  The show sold out in 5 minutes.  So, once again I’m going to reiterate what a big deal I am.  The.  Biggest.

I also want to reiterate that I’m not super creepy.  Some fans are all “I listened to this on repeat for 24 hours until I could write the sheet music out from memory.”  I’m just happy they’re getting back together.  And that I have a chance to get a picture with all of them!  We could take bets on how cray cray my eye gets.  Also, the reason I wrote about all my pictures with them and not their music is because A. I might be self-obssessed (I do write a blog.  About myself.) and B. I don’t know anything about actual music.  Besides what I learned in Mr. Blair’s Chorus and Guitar classes.  That man is a SAINT.

The end.


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