Snow day.

I know I don’t have to spell this out for you- but I’m going to.  San Diego.  No winter.  Mississippi.  No winter to speak of.  I never once wore a winter jacket.  I wore a light jacket a few times, and regretted it.  “But Kaley!”  you say, “You grew up for 20 some years in Maryland!  You know winter!”  I know guys.  Right?  Hold up, you don’t know the whole story.  My whole life I was coddled by people around me.  The Navy really changed that for me.  Also, I didn’t really know that it snowed in VA Beach.  I thought it wouldn’t, it snowed about… Once in four years at Salisbury where I went to college, so I just kind of assumed it wouldn’t do that here.  I don’t own a snow shovel.  My kids don’t have snow suits.  I don’t have waterproof boots.  I don’t even have a husband to do snow removal for me.  (You are such a butthole, United States Navy!)  Anyways, don’t get me wrong, I’ve been enjoying the snow and the cold.  I like being cold.  I HATE being hot with the passion of one thousand suns, which I would really, really hate because suns are hot and I just got done telling you how much I loathe being hot.

I have cabin fever.

Here are pictures of the one time I spent 20 minutes getting Owen ready to go outside and then we went outside for 15 minutes.


Sunset of second snow storm.


Nick’s Peruvian Llama hat, because it’s never been winter in my life, I don’t even own a hat. IMG_0586

Owen discovering that if he touches his face with snow, it gets cold.

IMG_0585 IMG_0566 IMG_0573 IMG_0574 IMG_0575 IMG_0502

This was the first snow storm, what I thought was a weird freak occurrence.  Apparently not.  IMG_0571

This is what Maisy did during snow day.  Wild and out!



One thought on “Snow day.

  1. You aren’t wrong about VB and snow. I think it snowed once the whole 7 years my friend Tara was there and that was 2010 when we got two feet from the same storm. The Navy should totally come clear snow for wives whose husbands are away.

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