Maisy Jo.

Seven months ago I had this baby, let’s call her “Maisy Jo.”  I’d like to tell you about her.

photo 1

Maisy Jo is a little goofy.  She loves her big brother.  Honestly, it’s kind of sad because he’s pretty much apathetic as far as Maisy goes.  Since Maisy has started high pitched squealing though, he’s been pretty into having squeal offs.  And he dances a lot in front of her to try and make her laugh.  She loves smiling at stuffed animals and she loves Molly Weasley, which is good because Owen doesn’t.  Owen is more of a Twinky cat fan.  I guess Maisy takes after her Dad in that way.

photo 2

Maisy is a good sleeper and a great eater, but terribly loud when she does finally get upset.  Also, Maisy Jo is super cute and also the most fantastic baby of all time.  She enjoys chewing and drooling on things and rolling over to things that are likely dangerous and unfit for baby play.  She has a good attitude about her brother taking everything she loves from her including his trains, her chew toys and on occasion my hair.  “No Maisy!  No hair!”

photo 3

Gotta go!  Owen’s putting Thomas in the wash down.  (Molly’s water dish)


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