crafty craftiness.

Crafting gives me purpose in a way that the day to day drudgery of parenting cannot.  Parenting is great, don’t get me wrong, but there’s nothing like looking at something you made (besides the couple of humans my husband and I created) and feeling proud.  This is starting to sound like I need to see a therapist, so I’m going to move on.  Suffice it to say, crafting is very fulfilling.

I’ve met my crafting soul mate.  Her name is Desi.  You’ve seen her work before, and you can see more of it over on her blog.  Remember Maisy Jo’s paintings?  She made those.


Then she made this amaze-balls ship’s wheel painting.


Then I commished (can I say commished instead of commissioned?  I can.  And I will) her to make me a nautical sign.  I’m not sure if this shelf is it’s final resting place, but seriously people, is this sign not the fetchest thing you’ve ever seen?


One time we even made scones.

20140126-103947.jpg 20140126-104006.jpg

I hope one day, you too, can find a crafting soul mate.  Then you can have wreath making parties while you talk about your favorite hotties from The Vampire Diaries too.



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