Tantrum Tuesday. And every day that ends in “day”

We’ve had an alarming rise in tantrums recently. I finally got to experience the “breakdown in a grocery store” temper tantrum. I’m not sure why he tantrumed. He doesn’t like being confined to a cart or to holding hands with mommy.

It got to the point where we had to go to the car while he alternately flipped like a fish and thrashed like a caged wolverine. I mean, on the up side, I bet I burned some carbs. I dumped him in the backseat and then waited in the front for him to calm down.

Here’s the aftermath. Totally happy, covered in mud from the floor.

“I’m as free as a bird now…”



2 thoughts on “Tantrum Tuesday. And every day that ends in “day”

  1. That cute boy? He throws tantrums? (I hear that all the time) The good news is IT DOES get easier! Our tantrums have slowed down as we approach 3. Everyone always tries to encourage me by, “Three is SO much worse than 2!” I don’t believe it. At least not yet!

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