an homage to my crockpot.

Do you have a crock pot?  Do you use it?

I never used mine except for the occasional pot roast about once a year.  Then something happened.  I think it’s called “Pinterest.”  No, but seriously, I decided to try to cook more.  Poor Nick.  I’m a terrible cook.  Like, “Worst Cooks in America” bad.  Like, I forgot to add the water to the taco seasoning again and it’s burning.  Taco meat has three ingredients.  Meat, taco seasoning packet, and water.  That’s about as basic as you can go.  I burned rice once.  Sorry, I’m not here to tell you what a bad cook I am.  I don’t even have to prove it.  I just wanted to say that I’m using my crockpot more and it doesn’t suck.  I even found some Weight Watchers recipes.  (Spoiler alert!  These will most likely give you gas.  Damn you fiber rich barley!)


However, in the process of using my crockpot more, I started to feel like a stay at home mom stereotype.  So to counterbalance my crock pot use I decided that I had to get dressed in real clothes everyday.  Every. Day.  I’ve gotten dressed every day this month and made about six crock pot meals.  (instead of looking up whether it’s crockpot or crock pot, I’ve decided to, instead, use them interchangeably)

Speaking of Stay at home moms, I think there should be some sort of hip stay at home mom hashtag for cool moms.  Kind of like #firstworldproblems, but for moms.  Nothing lame like #SAHM.  Maybe, #stuckathomewithsocialmedia or #desperation or #imhidingintheclosettowritethis.  I don’t know, I’ll brainstorm and get back to you.

In an effort to drum up more comment traffic on my blog, I’m going to beg you to post a comment.  It’s easy.  Try it.  If you have a good stay at home mom hashtag, share it!  (If no one shares one, it’s okay, just imagine me, grief stricken laying in bed on my iPad, mourning my lack of comments)


10 thoughts on “an homage to my crockpot.

  1. I always forget to comment on blogs I enjoy reading! Dumb since I want everyone to comment on my blog haha but good for you for crock potting it up! I’ve often told myself I should start doing that, and then I just say no. 🙂

  2. My comment is that every time you wrote “crock pot” instead of “crockpot” I erroneously read it as “crack pot”; so perhaps you should stick to the latter, unless you plan on getting more involved in crack potting, which may not be a bad idea, depending on which definition you’re using.

    PS I submit a formal request for an anthropomorphic-bunny-themed Meme Monday.

  3. I found your blog a while back because I know Tara from Wabanna. As a fellow stay at home mom, I love it! My hashtag would be #rockinthestretchypants

  4. comment. comment. . 😉
    no seriously, always love reading your blog. pretty hysterical. and yeah. . good for you getting dressed in real clothes everyday for a month! wish i could say the same!

  5. #howcomeeverytimeitrytoeaticecreamontheslymykidsalwaysruninfromoutsideandfindout


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