breaking meme monday.

I’m late to the game.  I know it.  Many of you knew Breaking Bad was ah-mazing.  I, however, vowed to never watch it because I thought it looked… ahem… “stupid.”

I ate my words.  Did you know I once vowed to never read Harry Potter?  I was wrong then.  I was wrong like Humphrey Belcher was wrong about the cheese cauldron.  I was wrong like Hank was wrong about Walt.  I was as wrong as Gale’s instructional karaoke DVD.   I’ll say no more about it because I’m still holding out hope that you, you who have not yet watched Breaking Bad, will watch it.





Side note: I particularly enjoyed the Walt Jr. breakfast memes, since I really did not notice how much breakfast they were eating until I saw it.


2 thoughts on “breaking meme monday.

  1. The last one!!….LOL!!
    I never realized how often they were eating breakfast either. What a great show! We’re trying to convince everyone we know to watch it.

    1. I know right? So glad you think so too. The other day I saw a car with trash bags over the windows and I was like “Something meth-y happened in that van”

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