throw back thursday.

I’ve had some embarrassing fashion moments in my life, and I use the term “fashion” very loosely.  Very, very loosely.  Mayhap what is most embarrassing about this moment in particular is that I was not embarrassed.  I was just excited to show off my hat.


Maybe you can’t see what’s on my hat.




Definitely now.

Do you not recognize it?  It is the majestic manatee.  A creature so whimsical and awe inspiring that it was given the ethereal nick name of “sea cow.”  As a naive sixth grader (SIXTH grader, not Third grader as I know it appears) I liked to day dream about Chessie the manatee who swam into the Chesapeake Bay.  Just daydreamin’ about Chessie hangin’ out in her mangrove pad, chillin’ with Flounder, lumberin’ around looking for some seaweed eats.

We won’t even touch on that sweatshirt.  Now, my only consolation is that my fellow classmates were also wearing dorky hats.  That’s probably why we were in a group together and not with the popular girls wearing Limited Too!  I’d like to think that on our field trip to Quiet Waters Park we were required to wear a hat, and as a distinctly unathletic child, this was the only ball cap I owned.  {I also owned a manatee anklet, t-shirt, necklace, stuffed animal, vanity plate, poster, and statue(s)}

In summation, I think the reason I did not have a boyfriend in Middle School (Okay!  I had one!  But his head was the shape of a football like in Hey Arnold. And he dumped me ) was because of my preoccupation with manatees, my insistence on wearing them on my clothing, and the fact that my body was shaped like a baked potato.


2 thoughts on “throw back thursday.

  1. You make me laugh so hard! I def would have been your friend. You in your manatee hat and me in my cloth knee length shorts and men’s socks pulled up over my calves.

  2. So I had a manatee shirt, necklace, earrings, Florida license plate keychain with my name on it. During a random trip to the storage unit recently, I also found my manatee wind chimes. And as soon as I had enough money in college, I got a *real* manatee license plate on my car. I would have one on my van now, but I think the new ones are ugly and it’s really hard to figure out how to do that out of state. #militarywifeproblems

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