tantrum tuesday.

Owen is crying because:



I’m not sure if he was actually scared of the man, or if the toddler’s reaction in front of us sealed the deal for him.  Initially, he seemed fine. Then when the little girl ahead of us screamed in terror at the sight of Santa… then he started to question things.

Naturally, Maisy started crying because Owen was crying, but she wasn’t convinced that she should be, so we were able to stop her crying with some tactfully jingled bells.  Santa insisted he did not mind hauling Owen up even if he fought, so I gave him a candy cane and up he went.  After it was all said and done, I felt a little bad.  But he did get candy and I did get my Santa picture.  Everybody wins.

PS  Don’t they look so presh wearing their hand knit sweaters from their little Welsh Granny?


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