christmas crafting with a toddler.

Pinterest is ripe with holiday toddler craft ideas.  It’s a veritable gold mine.  I tried some of these ideas.  Most of them failed.

First failure: Felt Christmas Tree.  I had some felt from another project, so all in all, this took me about 15 minutes to create.  Cutting circles out of felt is not rocket science.


I bet you’ve all seen this pin that is most likely captioned “This kept my toddler busy for HOURS!”  Well, do you also read them “The Canterbury Tales” at night and let them play with rocks and sticks all day?  Because that’s the only way a felt Christmas tree is going to be more interesting to my 2 year old than his fleet of Thomas the Tank Engine trains.  Please refer to the evidence below.


Duration of play: 30 seconds


Felt ornaments strewn across the floor.  Thanks pin that claimed it would keep Owen busy!

Then there was the Marshmallow snow man.  Excuse me, how cute is that?  A little snowman with a marshmallow body?!  I should have known this one would fail.  I really should have.  I was definitely being naive.

IMG_0157 IMG_0163


First off, Owen cried when we began to glue the marshmallows to the paper.  He was, and rightly so, confused by my insistence on ruining his candy.  I thought that if I did “One marshmallow for you, one marshmallow on snowman!” then he would be fine.  No.  Toddlers share with no man.  Not even snow man.  While he did cooperate and glue on a few, eventually Owen gave up, stole the bag of marshmallows, and played with his trains.  I finished the marshmallow snowman and hung him up.


The next day I noticed he was missing a few snow balls.  Turns out Owen decided to use snowman as his own personal marshmallow vending machine.  I even saw him go to the kitchen, get a bowl out of his drawer, bring it back to the playroom, and then pluck the marshmallows off and place them into his bowl.  He’s smart.  There are no marshmallows left on Frosty.  At least he hasn’t started licking it.  Yet.


One thought on “christmas crafting with a toddler.

  1. Cotton balls. Or pom poms. Never the marshmallows. And don’t do a pre packaged gingerbread house. He’ll eat it then puke. I may or may not have experience with that. 🙂

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