Christmas Card People.

Are you Christmas Card people?  You know who you are.  You scheduled a photo shoot for your family back in October, ordered prints in November, and you’ve addressed and stamped all your cards and posted them in the mail.  I am not Christmas Card people.  Besides having a husband who loathes getting his photo taken, I’m a procrastinator.  And I know a lot of people who move a lot.  And I move a lot.  This being said, if you’re my friend and you don’t know my current address, please message me… because I really like receiving Christmas Cards.

I tried to get a family photo this week.  It wasn’t pretty.  Maybe we should have gone to Sears and posed with a giant snowman.  I also have to go to the Mall and get the Children’s photo with Santa, but I know Owen is going to kirk out, so I’ve been avoiding it.  Maybe I should keep showing him pictures of Santa in an attempt at some kind of exposure therapy.


Merry Christmas!


2 thoughts on “Christmas Card People.

  1. 1. I actually do, in fact, need your new address to send said card.
    2. I volunteer to take a photo of your family for your Christmas card every year. For reals. You have to come to me, but I will take your photo friend! 🙂

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