throw back thursday, keepin’ it real.

My sophomore year of college I lived with SEVEN other roommates.  All women.  This was my banner fat year because sometimes I would buy a bag a Doritos late at night and then eat the entire bag.  I subsisted off of Beefaroni and Hostess cupcakes.  Then I saw pictures of myself and immediately joined Weight Watchers, but I digress.

Our motto in college was “Keepin’ it Real” and I think if you read this blog, then you’ve noticed that I reference this a lot.  Keepin’ it real stuck with me and is part of my life mantra even now.  I loved keeping it real so much, that I peer pressured my roommates into buying this tacky t-shirt from Target.  You’re all WELCOME.  I don’t even know if I still have it.


You’re not seeing things.  That is Big Bird emblazoned across our chests.  I’m not gonna lie, when I saw this picture, I started laughing hysterically.  I hope I don’t look back on my outfits now with the disdain that I look back on college with.


One thought on “throw back thursday, keepin’ it real.

  1. 1. Remember when we ate Big Macs and Hardee’s at will? Sigh.
    2. I was proud of that Big Bird shirt! We all wore it proud and we DID keep it real.


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