black friday.

The blackest part of Friday is anticipating how much weight I gained from pigging out for the past two days.  I weighed myself on Wednesday and I had only lost .5 lbs.  Not great, but at least it’s a loss.  I’m only sharing with you in the spirit of candor, and accountability.  I may not weight in next week.  I may need a week to get rid of all that delicious stuffing.  AND it’s my birthday on Sunday.  So, that’s not going in my favor either.

It’s fat time!

I stayed up late and was able to accomplish lots of Christmas shopping online because Kaley don’t do #walmartfight. Nope.

Nick has this strict rule that no Christmas shall be had at our house until Santa is seen during the Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Nick is old school.  That means it’s the most wonderful time of the year again!  Twinky thinks so too!

photo 1-2

I then decorated the tree with Owen.  Owen is 2, so that mostly meant he threw the bulb ornaments and drove his Mickey tractor ornament around a fair bit.  I think I’m a glutton for punishment.

photo 5-2

After I was done artfully arranging all of our Christmas decor, I noticed I had nothing for my side table.  Our living room seemed sparse.  This house is much bigger than our last one, and I have no budget to get more merry and bright- so I improvised.  (meaning: free)


I made some Christmas bunting!  And I painted some Michael’s frames I had lying around.  Nick called these decorations “tacky.”  I do so hate being tacky, but the best way to spread Christmas cheer is to put up loud decorations for all to hear.  Is that not how it goes?


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