meme monday.

Did anyone see that fake press release saying that J.K. Rowling was writing an 8th Harry Potter novel?  I knew it wasn’t real, but man, I wanted it to be.  I bet Henry, who has the heart of the truest believer, could make it happen.  (That’s a Once Upon A Time reference.  I’ve been keeping that guilty pleasure under the rug, but now you know.)

So, here’s Harry.



4 thoughts on “meme monday.

  1. I tried to start watching Once Upon A Time but I had to stop after 2.5 episodes because Rumpelstilskin was giving me horrific nightmares.

    Also, this is my first comment on a blog ever. Of all the comments I have made in my head in response to your blog, I have no idea why this inane one caused me to actually reply.

    <3, Anna.

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