that time an old lady reprimanded me in public.

It finally happened.  After years of silently judging other mothers for not having a hat on their baby, someone judged me for it.  And it wasn’t silent.

Let me set the scene.

Nick and I were walking out of the NEX to the car.  That’s the Navy Exchange for you civilians.  Ha!  Okay, moving on.  I had Maisy Jo in the Baby Bjorn.  She dropped her pacifier.  I stopped to pick it up and Nick kept walking with Owen.  Then, an old lady, 65 perhaps, stops her car.  She rolls down the window.  She looks like Paula Deen.  She says to me “I think your baby needs to be wearing a hat.”  All judge-y and looking down her nose-y.

Before she said that, Maisy and I looked like this:


After she said it, I looked like this:

evil kaley

The fire of a thousand suns came upon me and I said “Shut your trap hole you saggy old fart!”

Okay, I didn’t say that, but I should have.  I said, very brusquely “Thank you for your advice.  I REALLY appreciate it.” and continued to stare at her as ornery as I possibly could until she felt uncomfortable, rolled up the window, and drove away.  Because guess what old lady?  You’re a mega terd.  I’m sick and tired of adults treating me like a teen mom.  You think I would let my precious, sweet, Maisy Jo, who is a kind and gentle soul, BE COLD?  Were her many layers of clothing and the fact that she was bundled to my body not enough for you?  You, who probably had cholera in the back of a covered wagon?  My child was warm.  How dare you, ma’am.

Old Lady “I think your baby should be wearing a hat”

Me “I think I’m going to stab you with a prison shank… while holding my hatless baby.”


Old Lady “I think your baby should be wearing a hat”


I think maybe another mommy blogger might have written about how to apply God’s grace in this situation, or something about valuing motherhood.  I probably should too.  But I won’t.  Message to judgmental old lady: Don’t you ever, EVER question my parenting decisions again, or I will END you.

Love, Petite and often Judged Mother of Two children who are ALWAYS dressed warmly enough.


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