dreaded weight loss celebratory post.

I lost another pound.


If you are counting- that’s 10 pounds total.  10 to go!

Hopefully the physical therapist will fix my hip on Friday and I can speed up my weight loss by doing my intense workout routine.  Walking.

I bet doing that Ace Ventura dance would burn up some calories.

Alrighty then!



2 thoughts on “dreaded weight loss celebratory post.

  1. congrats!! 10 pounds is no joke and im seriously jealous of you!
    would you please do a blog post on how you’re doing it? im going to have a baby soon and have always been over weight. theres no way i can hang on to the prego fat 😦

    1. I joined weight watchers online and use the app on my iPhone! They have a plan for breastfeeding moms. This is my Third time on weight watchers, I’ve lost over 10 lbs every time (Once 20). It stays off for a couple years, then I need it again! 🙂

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