tantrum tuesday. extended version.

Think of this Tantrum Tuesday as if you were watching Lord of the Rings.  Extended Version.  I am Tolkien, and I’m opening up my appendices of information to you.  No quick pic and snappy caption.  We’re going in depth.  Because life with a two year old isn’t quite like journeying to the depths of Mount Doom… but it comes close.

Owen is crying because I gave Maisy his pacifier.  Maisy is crying because Owen is crying.


Please observe Owen hours later stealing Maisy’s pacifier and enjoying it.  Please observe Maisy’s outfit change because of a massively blown out poopy diaper.


Owen is crying because I painted a watercolor mustache on his face.


In my defense, only moments before he had been EATING the watercolors.


Owen is upset because I’m singing the alphabet song.


I know I’m not that bad of a singer because I was in Concert Choir in Middle School.  And you had to try out.  So there.

Tantrum Tuesday is such a blessing because when Owen is losing it for no reason I can think to myself “Hey!  There’s a blog post” and then I don’t want to pull my hair out as much.



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