Sometimes I think about my wedding.  Sometimes this is because I am looking at Pinterest.  Other times it is because I am reminiscing with a friend over peppermint mochas.  And still other times it is because two of my college roommates/friends are now wedding photographers that I blog stalk constantly.

I was Drea’s (and Renata’s! Duh) second wedding.  Ever.  Just so turned out they happened to be really good at what they do.  Check ’em out.

So, here.  Reminisce with me.  (That word is hard to spell)

Wedding 708
my floral designer was so. bomb.
Wedding 673
Wedding 619
this was my dream arrangement.
Wedding 529
it was a happy day.
Wedding 457
this vase resides in my room, at least until O breaks it.
Wedding 414
my jam band. fitting that LP is in my jam band shot.
Wedding 378
I’d like to remember this as romantic, but I think we were talking about how the wax dripped on our hands.
Wedding 099
I’m always being ridiculous. Even when I’m trying to be cool.
Wedding 127
For example: here.
Wedding 139
men, men, manly men.
Wedding 184
G’s presh baby bouquet.
Wedding 189
holding hands.
Wedding 006
pink dress.
Wedding 018
I still love you bouquet.
Wedding 216
mama bear.
Wedding 218
papa bear.
Wedding 067
toe ring!



One thought on “reminisce

  1. These were really fun to look through! some thoughts… you’re wedding was totes classy for only being out of college for one year. I have always loved the holding hands photo. I forgot about how fetch your jam band was. I am glad I finally realized toe rings are not so fetch.

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