oops I did it again.

I’m sorry.  I had been doing so well, keeping up with my blog, uploading pictures.  Then I just got really tired and needed a break for a few days.  I know you understand.

Here’s an update on me.

Pinterest continues to ruin my life.  Now I’ve moved on from being obsessed with the Home Decor tab to being obsessed with the Women’s Fashion tab.  It’s a combination of things really.  I’ve lost 9 pounds.  I’m not pregnant anymore!  AND I haven’t been able to wear fall fashions for four years! Spoiler alert, I don’t really fit into many of my old clothes.  My baby pouch has really encouraged me to embrace the new baggy shirt trend.  Oh, and I don’t live in Walmart anymore, so I can’t just wear my pajamas out to run errands.  (I’m so sorry R, that was really rude)

I’m going to get a new look at the hairdresser for my birthday.  Stay tuned!  I’m feeling a reinvention coming on.

My 2 year olds newest form of entertainment is launching his body at pieces of furniture and/or the wall.  Or standing in front of the baby on the couch and throwing himself backwards onto her, as if he doesn’t know she’s there.  Suffice it to say, there are often times that I look at Owen and think “Why??”  And of course, his number one favorite thing to do ever is throw and dump things.

I’m seriously considering decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving.

Owen’s favorite song is “Bicycle Ride” by Queen.

I’m really enjoying the cold.  It’s so not humid outside and I’ve not experienced that for a long time.  It feels so crisp and sharp.  (Please sing “I don’t care!  I love it!)

I found a babysitter so I’m going to go see The Hunger Games with Nick and my friends for my birthday.  It’s like, who am I?  Is this real life?

I recently met someone who I’m pretty sure can speak fluent Klingon.  Or at the very least has an extensive Anime collection.

That’s all I have going on for now.


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