Owen. Child Artist.


As part of my “let’s make Owen sit still for ten minutes so he doesn’t turn into a total hooligan” training, we’ve been bringing crafts back into our day.  When I was in the last throws of pregnancy and then managing a newborn and 2 year old… crafts weren’t on my radar.  I was like “Color this coloring book.”

DSC_4765 DSC_4766

Owen likes to draw and paint on the face of his subject.  The drawback to water color is that you then paint through your subject’s face, making your painting look pretty scary.


Crafts get really messy.  Especially when Owen eats the paint, like he does… every time.

DSC_4777 DSC_4778

There’s no need to be super jelly of my really great Finding Nemo drawings.  Spoiler alert: I painted Nemo.



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