maisy jo crazy hands.

Four months old.  We’re on the cusp of the golden age of babies (which is 6-8 months).


For me, four months old is all about baby crazy hands.  Maisy has found out she has hands.  She likes to eat them.  She likes to grab anything within reach, a personal favorite being my hair or boobs.  And unfortunately for me, my boobs are so saggy that she can get a better grip than one might think.  Maisy also grabs her pacifier out of her mouth all of the time.  All. The. Time.  If she isn’t grabbing it out, Owen is.  “Baby paci?  Mommy?  Baby paci?!!”


Four months also has Maisy Jo getting out of her swaddle all the time.  The paradox is that she can’t sleep without it, on account of her crazy baby hand syndrome.  So here I am, getting up every few hours, to put my hulk baby back into her industrial swaddle.  Did you know swaddling is becoming a hot button issue?  Bah humbug.  Dr. Harvey Karp says it’s legit, so imma do it.


Maisy is a girl who needs to be on a schedule.  If I’m off by 15 minutes, she screams.  As in, Daylight Savings Time is ruining my life.  But she’s such a sweetie all the other times.  She’s a loud talker and a loud cryer.  I’m not sure where she gets that from because her dad speaks in a barely audible voice and I had to train myself to be loud in order to teach. She has a sweet little spirit and I’m excited for her to grow up and have tea parties with me.  (Owen can be the Mad Hatter)



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