self obsessed selfie taker.

Uhh, I take selfies.

There are a lot of selfie loathers out there.  Selfies don’t bother me… pretty much ever.  If they’re ridiculous, I enjoy the ridiculousness.  If they’re not, I’m like, Hey!  There’s my friend!  I’ll take that any day over a shot of some food!  Okay, unless that food is a shot of some delicious cake/cupcake/cookie/bacon.  Then I’m like, you couldn’t not post that on the internet.  It’s surprising that selfies don’t bother me, since everything bothers me, but alas, they do not.  Other things that don’t bother me: grammer, incorrect usage of commas and apostrophes, run on sentences, and like, using like whenever I want to in my deep blog musings.  (Yes, I did it on purpose.)

Recently this article has been making it’s way around social media.  (You hate selfies, article writer, but have christened yourself ‘witty and pretty’… same thing)  I was abashed to see that I had taken many of these pictures myself.  Was I annoying?  Fortunately, I don’t give two flips whether I’ve annoyed someone with a selfie.  Crisis averted.

Selfies that this person finds annoying:

pet selfie guilty



car selfie guilty


the add a kid selfie guilty


the hospital selfie guilty


the duckface selfie maybe guilty?


the pregnant belly selfie definitely guilty 


the “I live in filth” selfie  kind of guilty?


I’m pretty much guilty of all of them, except for the “I’m a gigantic whore” selfie.

I feel like I should post MORE selfies on social media now!!

I think I’ll end this post with a… you guessed it!  a selfie!!

Photo on 2013-11-07 at 21.35 #2


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