hallows eve


Halloween.  We decided to dress up.  It was fun!  I was a witch-because it was 3 dollars at Target.  Nick wanted a beard, to be a World Series Champion, but they only had Hockey hair.  So he had to be an ALMOST Stanley cup winning Hockey player.


DSC_4840 DSC_4843

Desi let us trick or treat in her neighborhood, since my neighbors are unfriendly and freak me out a little.  (Not all, just a few)  I add that disclaimer as if my neighbors read my blog.  Not likely.

DSC_4862 DSC_4897

Owen got some good candy, most of which I couldn’t eat b/c of my diet, and most of which he couldn’t eat, because of his peanut allergy.  We traded him some tootsie rolls and called it a day.  He had fun until it got dark, then he was scared.  I mean, when he found out people were going to give him candy in his pumpkin (pum pum) he was pretty excited.

DSC_4909 DSC_4913

He said “More candy?” on repeat in between each house.  A lot of people had their porch lights out.  They were too busy trunk or treating at their local church Harvest Party to participate in their community halloween celebrations.  Oh, sorry.  Sorry if I hurt some feelings there on that one.  (I’m not sorry)

I know, I wasn’t at my house either, but I left the porch light on, candy in a bowl, with a sign saying “Treat yo’self!  We can’t stop you from taking the entire bowl, but your conscience might” And I bet you the first pre teen who saw that took it as a challenge and cleaned us out.  Whatev.

Happy Halloweenz!


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