In an effort to get Owen to do less TV watching, I’ve drawn up a schedule for us that involves more structure.  I’m concerned that Owen will become “that kid” and my reputation as a previous teacher will be in shambles.  With that in mind, Owen and I do a weekly theme with 15 minute lessons every weekday.  Our first week was shapes.  First, I decide on my shape, then I do extensive internet research and write down a detailed lesson plan catering to all the learning modalities in my weekly planner.
Ah ha ha ha ha.  You thought I was serious.
First, Owen watches one episode of Thomas.  Then we go to the playroom where I grab all of my craft supplies and let Owen color and touch shapes that I cut out of Dollar Tree foamie boards left over from my teacher treasure trove.  Read: hoard.  It works!  It’s fun!  Finally, I tape up our learning art on the wall and Owen later tears it off the wall.  It’s nothing personal, he just leaves a trail of mess wherever he goes, the wall being no exception.
Things Owen has learned from learning art times with Mommy:
Red, Circle, glue sticks don’t taste good, neither do markers, and how to completely devastate an entire roll of scotch tape while mommy tends to the baby.
Toby would be learning about squares.

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