I think I lost a little piece of myself in Mississippi.  I was so caught up in eating delicious food and being miserable, that I forgot to be shallow.  One trip to the Williamsburg outlets and 6lbs shed from Weight Watchers and there’s a glint of consumerism in my eye!

I like to be ridiculous, but not ridiculous enough to be stared at.  This holds true in conversation, parties, and also fashion.

When I texted Nick about the possibility of becoming the owner of a particular pair of pants, his response was “You can’t be serious.”  My response would have been walking into the house while wearing them, but alas, they did not have my size.  So he won that battle.  But in honor of these pants that are so hip and now and fetch, I’m posting their picture on the interwebs.

Don’t be fooled. Desi loves these pants. She’s just hangry.

Don’t they make my thighs look maze-a-licious?

In other shallow news, a pair of (cheap pleather) boots I own, pictured thrown on the dressing room floor above, showed up in the pages of People Stylewatch.  I’m still excited about that one.  Woohoo!



4 thoughts on “j.crew.

  1. Stop trying to make fetch happen. It’s not gonna happen!

    JKLOL. If anyone could make fetch happen, it’s you. And Gretchen Weiners.

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