Yeah. I bought it from Walmart. Don’t hate!

No Spoilers here.  I’m not that type of gal.

Well, one spoiler.  This book was ter.rib.ble.

“Say it ain’t soo oh wooooh ohhhh”  (Weezer)

Divergent was the bomb.  Insurgent was the BOMB DOT COM!  So, it logically follows that Allegiant would be the bomb dot diggity com!  No.  It wasn’t.  It was a major disappointment.  For several reasons.  It was slow.  It was confusing.  It felt like it was reaching.  There were some good messages and parts, but overall it was just… blah.  I won’t even get into the ending.  Veronica Roth should have taken a longer break in between her books to get a better handle on what she wanted her final book to be.  There was no difference between the voices of Tris and Tobias (Anyone still think of hawk Tobias from Animorphs??) so I kept forgetting whose mind I was in.  It waffled along, with no real action, and tried to make me care about characters that I could literally care less about.  Uhh, is this a dystopian teen romance or what?!

While Mockingjay felt slow on my first read, it really picked up.  I’ve reread that sucker several times and keep liking it more and more.  It was such a fitting end to all the violence and discord.  So, don’t think that I’m just a Deborah Downersville who hates final books.

I’m so fed up I might have to go read some Harry to get my head on straight.  I wasted my time with that overhyped heap of buttgunk.  Do you realize I could have been watching Parenthood?  I’m four episodes behind in Nashville and I’m about 14 episodes shy of catching up with The Vampire Diaries!  My time means something Veronica.  It means something.

Oh, and Shailene Woodley (5’8) as Tris?  Can Hollywood please stop casting GIANT actresses in the rolls of starving, tiny heroins?  (Ahem, Hunger Games, Ahem)  I think it’s heightism, and I don’t like it.


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