trip to annapolis.

Last weekend, Nick and I went home to meet our friends for the Navy Air Force game.  We went on our first date out since Maisy was born.  Ramshead.

photo-44 photo-43 photo-42

Then we went to the Navy game, of course.  I had to come right before the game because three month olds don’t feed themselves you know.  Annapolitans really thrown down for a football game.  It was the most Annapolis, Navytastic experience I’ve ever had.  It started with people throwing candy and hot dogs at Midshipmen and ended with a lady in a neckerchief singing “The Navy Blue and Gold” in high soprano.  That happened.

photo 4 photo-45 photo-46

On Sunday, Owen and Maisy got to hang out with their cousins.  We went to the Homestead Fall Fest and sweat to death while some dude play reggae on the steel drums.  Nothing says fall to me like reggae.

photo 3 photo 1 photo-49 photo-47


Thanks be to my mother for babysitting.  And breast pumps for pumping.



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