master bedroom. revealed!!

Cool story bro.  Here’s my master bedroom.  Boom!


This room needs curtains too.  Story of my LIFE!  Also, this is before I unpacked my NERD books.


Milk glass.  And animal silhouettes.  (I spelled silhouettes right on the first try!  OMG)  Nick drew that rose picture for me in high school.  Isn’t that sweet?


Ikea dresser with new Hobby Lobby knobs.  I was trying to Shabby Chic my life up.  Not sure if it worked.


The Ikea tray got painted too.  All those baskets and trays and jars are an attempt to corral Nick’s pocket emptying after work.  And military working uniforms have a-lot of pockets.  You can’t see, but the inside of the tray is gold.  Also, I plan on changing out one of pictures to reflect the fact that I have two children and not one.  All in due time.


The owners didn’t get the memo that I hate burnt red orange and that my color pallet consists of soft creams, whites, and robin’s egg blue.  How.  Dare.  They.

DSC_4817 DSC_4818

A nice lady across the street from me would give me antique things if I went over to visit her.  She gave me that mirror, the lamp in Maisy’s room, and that little pitcher on the shelf above the dresser.  See?  Being nice to the eldery pays off.


Speaking of the elderly, that’s my grandparents over in Eastport back when high waisted shorts were cool the first time.

DSC_4820 DSC_4821

Burnt orange you are ruining my life!  (Said in Napoleon Dynamite voice)


So Nick let me get this adorbz ombre floral shower curtain so I could look at that, instead of that BURNT ORANGE!

DSC_4824 DSC_4827

This is Nick’s “Me Wall” where he displays all of his Navy things.  It’s also our upstairs hallway.


The upstairs guest bath



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