Living room. Revealed!!

I have a dirty secret.  It’s that I’m obsessed with my house.  I think it’s because I’m in it so much.  It’s also because I never live in “my house”, but only rent other people’s houses.  For instance, if I lived in my house, I would never paint it a yellow based beige color.  I would have two tone stripes painted down the hallway and navy chevron wallpaper accenting a wall in the kitchen.  I would have a robin’s egg blue paint in my master and a cheery yellow in my living room.  The playroom?  I don’t even know.  Something SO FUN!  I know, you guys are getting tired of my paint ranting, but since I’m obsessed with decorating, I just want you to all know that’s it’s not MY fault that my house is not the exact shade of cerulean I envisioned.  (Ok, I would never paint a room cerulean, but it is fun to say)

Those feelings aside, the house we are renting now, has a-mahzing crown molding.  I heart it.  These people did not skimp on the crown molding budget.  I plan on revealing my whole house on the blog within the next two weeks.  Today I reveal to you my formal living room.  The family room is a play room.  So, it’s not very formal, but that’s what it’s called.

The oar idea I stole from Pottery Barn. One is a legit antique oar from San Diego. Another is a faux oar from Home Goods.
The opposite side of the room. I belatedly realized my picture is crooked. Probably caused by a certain 2 year old running and slamming himself repeatedly into the wall.
I downsized to three pillows. I’m having a hard time with it. That drift wood got set on the ground while we were unpacking and we never moved it. Any ideas?
My favorite accessory
The curtains are shower curtains. I plan on adding burlap trim and cutting them into four panels. In my spare time you know, of which I have none. In fact, I’m writing this at 12:37 am. What’s wrong with me? Please note Nick’s ridiculous bald eagle statue on the book shelf
I don’t care that my decor has rendered the coffee table useless. I love that hobnail milkglass pitcher and chevron scrapbook. There. I said it.
I love lamp. Should I replace my white frame with a mercury glass one? Opinions welcome.
An old wooden rudder that Nick found, which I told him he couldn’t bring home b/c it was old and disgusting. Lucky he kept it, because now old and disgusting things are tres chic!


I spent three dollars on that antique blue ball jar. And I love it. I also love my mail organizer. Who am I??


My entry table. A few notes. The color. Blech! That shelf. Wow, I forgot that was there until I took this picture. And finally, so that’s where molly’s ball went!



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