Maisy Jo’s Nursery. Revealed!

Calling this post a nursery “reveal” feels very HGTV and infers that you were all waiting for me to do this post.  I’m finally all the way done!  This is the first room that I designed with the aide of Pinterest, and it really did help.  Another disclaimer- I’m renting and I can’t paint.  So sad.  I can’t even tell you.  I dream about paint and wallpaper.  It’s a major thorn in my side.  Oh, and also when we moved in, there were already brown curtains in the room.  They aren’t my first choice, but they work, curtains are hella expensive, and I don’t bring any money to this party… so we kept the curtains!

poms by Martha Stewart. A splurge, but I think if I had made them, they would have ripped.
My friend Desi painted these canvases for me. Totes Presh!
I made the crib bumpers, chevron sheets from Target.
My hubs made Maisy her totally cool, pink ombre dresser.
A bunny. A polar bear. Hedwig. An alligator. And of COURSE a manatee.
These are from my baby shower. I thought about making fabric ones, but these are so cute!
Maisy doesn’t sleep in here yet. (Too little to be in with the bumpers) but she does like to hang out and gaze at her pom poms and stuffies.

DSC_4791 DSC_4792 DSC_4797 DSC_4799 DSC_4800 DSC_4803 DSC_4804 DSC_4806


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