I’m kind of obsessed with style magazines.  Note that I say style and not fashion. This is because fashion magazines have thousand dollar Diane Von Furstenberg dresses in them.  Meanwhile I cant even buy full price merchandise off the rack at The Loft.  So I buy People Style Watch because they tell me the trends and show me affordable clothes that I can’t fit into anyway.


People Stylewatch has some favorite celebrities they like to feature.  Jessica Alba is one.  Another is Olivia Palermo. If you don’t know who she is you’re lying- or we’re just not kindred spirits. Obviously Olivia was featured on The City (spin off from The Hills (spin off from Laguna Beach)) as Whitney’s arch nemesis and completely terrible fashion obsessed coworker. Who probably exists on only vodka and cigarette vapors. So, I beg of you People Stylewatch- get rid of Olivia. I don’t care what she’s wearing- she’s mean. In fact, she’ll probably get a google alert about this blog- see the header picture and think “Who’s this frumpy hag!” (How dare she, that blouse is from Nordstrom Rack!)  Here’s a photo of Olivia in what I believe are recent fashions for PSW told me that zippers and giant hairy vests and leather jeggings are “totally in” this season.


Oh and in case you were wondering… I’m wearing skinny leg work out pants from Target and a crawfish t-shirt. Totes adorbs.


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