maisy in a sink.

Listen, I’m sorry for that last post.  It’s hard to keep positive when you haven’t had any “me time.”  And of course by “me time” I mean going to the bathroom by myself.  Maisy was having a fussy day, which every baby is totally entitled too, and I had to take her into the b-room with me in the Moby.  FYI, if you’re looking to have a comfortable bathroom experience- that is not how to do it.  As it turns out, I really rely on that ten minutes of alone time each day.  “Ten minutes”

In other news, a friend of mine posted on FB that she puts the baby in the sink when she’s getting ready, and that they love it.  “Genius!”  I thought and then I totally did it while Owen was taking his bath.  Guess what?  She loved it!!  I love it when veteran moms share tips.

photo-40 photo-41


2 thoughts on “maisy in a sink.

  1. that is the most precious thing i’ve seen in a long time! she is so beautiful . . so beautiful!
    i’m remembering this time last year going through this phase. you at least look TONS better in photographs then i did. (or do) 😉 the year will go fast. i know you know this. it’s just hard to see that when you just want to go to the damn bathroom ALONE!

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