meme monday.

Sorry I’m a little late in posting.  Some weeks are a little dry on the meme front.  Mostly because bitter, angry people are on Pinterest pinning humorless some e-cards that they’ve made themselves professing how much they hate work and the general population of earth.  Something needs to be done about this.

Really User Card? This isn’t even funny. You’re abusing the privilege.

More pictures of cats with beards!  Less cursing!

Cat beard. Except I’m not sure this is even a cat. Skunk? Ferret?
LP’s boyfriend.


And if you’re going to make a meme, can you at least spell check it?


I’m not the grammar police BY ANY MEANS, in fact, there are probably numerous mistakes in this post, but memes are sacred.  Let’s give them the respect they deserve.

Rant over.

Here are the original meme’s I handpicked from the internet- just for you!  I had a shoe theme going.

464c59dbd7ef94e0b858db4212f9ac28 f80c792a903671a9566ec1fc61ff9cdaThat concludes meme monday.  Have a terrific week!



3 thoughts on “meme monday.

  1. So I let out a little “LOL” at the cat with the running shoes. And I am a little upset about it. Meme Monday with cats- 1. Tara- 0.

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