thoughts on leaving mississippi.

Listen, every place has it’s ups and downs.  We all know I’m not going to miss the year round humidity and insects in biblical proportions.  I’m not even going to get into the bone chilling encounter I had with a grasshopper yesterday.


Mississippi- what will I do when I can’t get sweet tea at virtually every restaurant?  I love sweet tea so much that I would get it as an IV and have it pumped into my veins.  Sweet tea is my drug of choice.

Traffic- Have you (especially you Marylanders) ever seen a fellow human wave several cars through a four way stop?  People are not in a hurry.  They are not!  Also, they let you over when you put on your turn signal.  And most people pass on the left.  And also there are no people, so there’s not traffic.  Ever.

And so I plan to leave Mississippi while sippin’ on some sweet tea, cruisin’ in the fast lane!  Y’all.


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