thoughts. mommy thoughts.

  • Sometimes, when I’m thinking about something I have to do, I refer to myself in the third person.  For example, “Mommy needs to fold that laundry.”
  • My goal this week is to start calling the baby by her name.  I mean, to start calling Maisy by her name, and not referring to her only as “the baby.”
  • Next goal:  Take a vicodin and sleep for three days, but three hours would work fine too.
  • Why take a shower when you could just change your shirt?
  • Did I really just watch “Teen Beach Movie” while nursing the baby (I mean Maisy!) during Owen’s nap time?!
  • I’m considering writing a love letter to the crockpot.
  • I am so.  damn. tired.
  • And finally- the royal baby weighed the same as Maisy at birth.  Does this make her a princess?
  • IMG_3393

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