When things get crazy.

You probably didn’t know that Nick was gone for a week house hunting in Virginia. Thats because I never advertise when I’m by myself. We might have a house, but we might not. Ain’t that the story of my life.  My next tattoo is going to be “Maybe, we’re not sure” and I’ll just flash it whenever someone asks “Did you find a house?” “Where are you moving?” “When are you moving?” or “Have you lost your mind?”  So, with Nick gone and a toddler and newborn at home things got really crazy up in here. I’m sure you can imagine.


Nick got home today. When he was with Owen in the front yard, Owen stepped on a fire ant nest. Both of them were stung in the process. Owen got benedryl and itch cream. Nick got the emergency room. For whatever reason Nick’s entire face swelled up along with hives and a full body rash. Pretty scary. He was sent home after some observation and a steroid shot.

Where does this leave me? Unable to sleep. Afraid that as soon as I shut my eyes someone will stop breathing.


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