guess that baby weight!

Just to be perfectly clear on the title- we are not guessing maternal baby weight gain- but instead how much the baby will weigh at birth!  If you try to guess my weight or weight gain you will face rejection and possibly physical harm from me.

Here are some helpful facts to help you guess.

I have gained less weight with Maisy than I did with Owen.

I am carrying larger with Maisy.

Owen weighed 7lbs 4oz.

Second babies are typically larger than first babies.

I have been asked twice recently if I am carrying twins.  Twice.

Leave your comment with your guess!

Nick’s guess is 8lbs 9oz.  My guess is 8lbs, but I’m really hoping it’s more like 7 lbs 9 oz.

And for a final boost of help- here I am 39 weeks with Owen.


And 38 weeks with Maisy.

Photo on 2013-06-09 at 09.37


10 thoughts on “guess that baby weight!

  1. 8lbs 91/2oz – that was your birth weight.
    You were my second baby and you were a girl (still are)!
    (I hope Maisy doesn’t weight that much though)

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