nesting and resting.

Maisy is coming soon. I still have some sewing projects and little piddly things on my to do list. So, today I got to work. I washed and folded and sorted her clothes. I sewed a present for Fiona and her doll… Which I ended up screwing up because Owen decided to bathe in the dog’s water (are girls like this?!) Then I made a little hair bow frame out of some odds and ends, and finally finished off with hot gluing some shabby roses on a lovely basket our friends gifted us. Shabby roses are totes easy to make. You should pinterest that joint.

And then it ended up that I did too much. Too much sewing gave me throbbing cankles (I am bound and determined to work my cankles into every post until I deliver) so nick had to make dinner. Then I got some pretty regular contractions that I had to lie down for. So, tomorrow, I think I’ll do more resting- and less nesting. Check out the cause of my contractions.







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