sewing, sewing, sewing!


I’m sorry that I missed meme monday.  Actually, I’m not.  Get a life people.  I’m 4 weeks away from birthing a new life.  Cut me a break.

Would you like to see what I’ve been up to this week?  Sewing my butt off.  Firstly, I sewed new covers for my glider.  Then I made a terrible mistake and sewed up a skirt for the glider ottoman. It looks exceptionally ridiculous, but it will stay, because I sewed it, it took me like 2 hours.  A lesson in improvising.  Sometimes it doesn’t turn out.

sorry about the cat ghost in the window. don’t look directly at it if you want to keep your soul!

DSC_4792 DSC_4787

I mean, isn’t that little ruffle pillow supes cute?  I also love the buttons.

Then I sewed myself a new changing pad cover.  I used Prudent Baby’s tutorial and it was super easy and took about an hour!  Yay!

DSC_4762 DSC_4758 DSC_4756


Let me clarify something.  Maisy does not have a nursery in this house.  We’ll be moving, at the latest, in early August, by which time Maisy will be a little over a month old.  So we made the decision not to convert our office into her room.  However, I did want to get all of our major decorating projects out of the way before she was born, so that we stood a chance of getting them done.  That’s why all of the cute things we make for her are photographed in Owen’s room, or my craft nook, etc etc.

Tune in tomorrow to see what Nick did this weekend.  Hint, it’s our pink ombre dresser.


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