My singular mission this weekend was to find a dresser to repurpose for Maisy.  Nick and I were met with success in the form of a little old lady who owned a shop with old furniture for sale.  We were able to pick up a cheap dresser and I even found some adorable tea cups at 2 dollars a pop that will look very precious in Maisy’s room.

DSC_5133 DSC_5132

The dresser definitely needs some love.  Okay, a lot of love, but you’ll all be blown away by the after shots.

DSC_5141 DSC_5142

I love the detailing on the sides and bottom.


The knobs were a compromise between Nick and I.  He wanted antique brass, I wanted glass roses.  So, we settled for these distressed white knobs (from Hobby Lobby of course!)  If they look horrid, we can always exchange them later.


Here is my inspiration dresser, in case you needed reminding.

This makeover is all on Nick, so I wish you luck husband!  I’m onto my next project, recovering the glider cushions.  Oh, and we’ve met success with dresser repurposing before.  Check out Owen’s dresser here.



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