netflix. i hate you.


Netflix- you did this to me.  Actually, I blame Boone.  You know, Boone?  From Lost?  Ian Somerhalder.  He was my favorite character.  Until they killed him in the third season.  That was not cool.  I loved him as equally as I hated his sister Shannon.  Shannon was the worst.


Anyway, when I saw The Vampire Diaries was on Netflix I decided to give it a try.  Vampires don’t scare me, never have, there are a lot of ways to kill them.  And they can’t sneak in your house at night.  So I felt pretty safe.

Now season three just ended and I must wait to order season four, which I will be watching during my late night b-feeding sessions with my tiny newborn baby.  Doesn’t that scream nurturing mother to you?  Vampire/human love triangle, 3 am, and a Boppy?  I’m hoping in a year or two I won’t be as embarrassed about this show as I am by the fact that I have seen all five Twilight movies…


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