military wife appreciation day.


I do not often gripe about being a Navy wife.  It accomplishes little, but today is my day apparently, so I’m going to talk about some of the hardships that come along with being a military spouse.

Moving.  Nick has been in the military for 4 1/2 years and we’re looking forward to completing our third move this summer.  To a third state.  With a dog, cat, toddler, and newborn.

Where are you moving?  We don’t know.  We thought we knew.  A few weeks after firming up a tour with the detailer Nick got the opportunity to put his name in for another duty station.  He was supposed to know for sure about this option on April 30.  Do you think we’ve heard?  What do you think?  Is there a possibility we could move in July?  Absolutely.  Is my second baby due June 24?  You know it.  I have bad timing when it comes to moves and babies.  You gotta be flexible like a nut full of silly putty.  “I’m not stressed” I say.  Am I stressed?  Yes I’m stressed!  But studies show that the attitude of parents about the military lifestyle directly effects the children’s ability to cope with changes and deployments.  So, no, I’m not stressed.  I’m the lady of steel.

Reacting.  Don’t have the luxury.  “We’re moving to Japan” says your husband.  “I’m cool with that” says you.  You inside: “I’M DYING!!!! AHHHH!!!!”

Friends.  It was really nice to meet you.  Thank you for investing time in me.  I will never see you again.

Loneliness.  Why I take so many pictures of the cat.

Family.  I love you guys.  We’ll move back home in approximately 16 years.  Let’s not fret about missing the entirety of each other’s lives during this time.  Water under the bridge.

Vacation.  What’s that?  Visiting your family is a vacation!

And that is why I do not feel bad about getting a free admission to Sea World once a year.  Our sacrifice is worth some Shamu time.  But hey, it’s not all bad!  Please enjoy my attempt to lighten the mood with these… you guessed it!  Navy wife memes!!

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